Banana Blue Coffee is a modern, professional chain of coffee boutique shops.

Thanks to the sprawling coffee culture in Taipei, we are able to continue to innovate and bring the latest and greatest technology in the industry into our stores, to bring the customer the best experience possible. We only use the highest quality blends of 100% Arabica beans. Banana Blue gives you the highest quality of your favorite coffee, so we have selected a blend of 100% high grade coffee bean from the Coffea arabica plant. Low grade or flawed beans are removed from the mixture to ensure that you only taste the best quality beans from the pick. We take this high quality blend of coffee beans and roast them in our Diedrich automated washing and roasting machine. This machine ensures that the blend is evenly roasted and customized to fit each specific blend, so that optimum flavor is achieved. We use the latest standards from the Specialty Coffee Association, which is an international community that specializes in tailoring coffee to your tastebuds. Our coffee is never more than a week old, to ensure that you have the freshest tasting coffee that you will notice from the first sip.


Effective and consistent reproduction of flavor is king!!

The final step in the coffee making process is the pour, which can alter the taste of the coffee to each customer's preferences. It is an important step to get right, so we use the Poursteady automatic pouring machine to mechanically simulate an arm pouring water into your cup, so that even and consistent pouring is guaranteed. With this technology, we can control the temperature of the water so precisely that it does not take away from the flavor that the beans can produce. This allows the barista to have more time to share their knowledge with the customers, and at the same time, maintain the quality and consistency of coffee that we strive for in every cup,